Cute DIY Sugar Skull Banner

A good friend of mine stopped by the other day with a super cute find from Cost Plus World Market. She had some cute square sugar skull fabric napkins. She asked me to make some thing out. I made this super cute banner. It was so easy and I just love it!

All you need is 4 of the skull squares, and a sewing machine or thread and needle will work.

Lay out the squares and measure how far you want them apart pin and sew.
Lay out the squares and measure how far you want them apart pin and sew.
photo 2
Hang and enjoy!

photo 3

Tomato Soup

On my journey I am learning so much about food. This gluten free dairy free life style can be crazy! So far I am feeling better and loving it!


unnamed unnamed

Home made roasted tomato soup. I find that this time of year the garden is over flowing with tomatoes. Perfect time to make some tomato soup.

This soup is very easy!

I took just under 4 pounds of tomatoes and roasted them in the oven with a few garlic cloves for just over an hour. I sautéed an onion with a pinch of salt. I pilled the cooled tomatoes and added it to the pan with the onions. I garbed some fresh basil from the garden and trough that in, about a table spoon chopped. I brought everything to a boil and added a half cup of vegetable stock.Then simmered it all for about 5 min. Dropped it all in the food processor for a nice creamy soup and YUM!

Hump Day!

My “real” job can be exhausting sometime. Sitting in meetings all day. It would be okay if I could use this time to take a little nap. But, NO! I must write meeting minutes that include words I don’t evan understand…

On days like today I like to come home and spend some time being creative and work on my side business/hobby, my Etsy shop. It is a wonderful way for me to unwind.

Here is what I worked on today.

photo 1


Please share what kinds of things you do to unwind. Maybe, a nice glass of wine after a long day? 😉

Making something old, new again.

This weekend was all about one project, revamping our coffee table. I have hated this coffee table for so long, however, my husband loves it. Last week we finally agreed we needed to do something with. We wanted something bright, you know, to liven the room up. We went with a wonderful teal color. We also wanted something that looked shabby sheek. So, we go some chalk paint. We absolutely love the look of our table, and it was so easy to do.

I noticed there a few brands of calk paint out there. We went with American Decor and it worked great.

Americana Decor Chalk paint
Here is what we used.

There are many way to make your own chalk paint, so,  you can make any color you would like. I just had a good friend of mine paint her coffee table a wonderful vibrant pink. It is a good way to add a pop of color to a room.

Here are some before, during and after photo of our table.

Table before painting
disassembled table, half painted.
Table inside the house, painted, with brown wax. Half assembled.
After applying brown wax
Finished table, all back together. Vintage looking.
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