Must have durable toys for your large dog


It can be hard and expensive to find durable toys for your dog. I know this from experience. Since getting Jake, our Lab and Great Dane pup, I have spent a lot of money on toys that sometimes only last a few hours. What makes finding toys hard for us is that they don’t last. Jake can rip through just about anything. He loves the plush toys with a squeaky but they only last about one hour in our house, before the squeaky is dead and the stuffing is all over the house.

Here are a few of my favorite toys that have worked well for Jake and have lasted quite some time.

1. The classic KONG

The classic Kong dog toy is the toy that Jake has had the longest. This is his go to toy. We like to fill Jake’s Kong up with peanut butter and Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats.



2. The Jolly Ball

Jake’s favorite back yard toy. My husband and Jake love to play soccer with this ball and it is the only large ball that Jake has not destroyed.



3. KONG Jumbler Football

Caution: I can only take this toy is small doses. It does squeak and boy does Jake love it. The only squeaky toy I have found that has lasted more than an hour with him.



I hope this helps on you quest to find toys that will stand the test of time with your dog. I am always on the look out for durable toys for Jake, so leave a comment and let me know what indestructible toys you have found!

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