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On my journey I am learning so much about food. This gluten free dairy free life style can be crazy! So far I am feeling better and loving it!


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Home made roasted tomato soup. I find that this time of year the garden is over flowing with tomatoes. Perfect time to make some tomato soup.

This soup is very easy!

I took just under 4 pounds of tomatoes and roasted them in the oven with a few garlic cloves for just over an hour. I sautéed an onion with a pinch of salt. I pilled the cooled tomatoes and added it to the pan with the onions. I garbed some fresh basil from the garden and trough that in, about a table spoon chopped. I brought everything to a boil and added a half cup of vegetable stock.Then simmered it all for about 5 min. Dropped it all in the food processor for a nice creamy soup and YUM!

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